A Holiday Advent!

Ink Drawings

^Have you heard of Inktober? These are some of my favorite dog drawings from a dog-themed Inktober project of mine!


Koala's Kazoo

A kazoo song for kids, written by the amazing Emily Arrow! Emily was inspired by one of my sketches, which lead to this really fun collaboration. We both happened to be in Hawaii at the same time (what are the chances!?) so we made a video together. The video was filmed at the Honolulu Zoo in Oahu by photographer Alex Crawford. (*fun fact: I was 22 weeks pregnant at the time. Otherwise, you better believe I'd be swinging from vines too!)



YouTube Process Videos

Photoshop Painting Timelapse This is a speedy version of a 45 minute Photoshop painting on my MobileStudio Pro computer. The video is playing at over 2000% of it's original speed! Whoa! (*fun fact: The song was written by a good friend of mine!)

Flipping Through Sketchbooks I filled these books with all sorts of ideas and techniques through the years; I believe they helped me figure out a lot about myself and what I like to draw. (*fun fact: I selected all of my favorite images from these sketchbooks and published a real book! It was funded through Kickstarter in 2014.)

Watercolor Painting Timelapse I made this video for my friend Sara's class, who was celebrating International Dot Day. (*fun fact: I recorded the video from my iPhone which was on top of a giant stack of Harry Potter books!)

Sketchbook Drawing Demo Do you ever feel a little intimidated by a blank page? Here's how I deal with that feeling! In this video, I use a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, warm gray Copic Markers, and a trusty 4B pencil. (*fun fact: I draw a lot of cats because I have one! His name is Timmy and he is 14 years young.)